Runescape is Living Out a Slow Death


I Started playing Runescape when i was 13 years old, on my small white box computer that weighed a tonne. This was the first MMORPG i ever played and pretty much the first Video game i ever played so i was hooked at first site. I remember the Tutorial Island was the hardest 2 hours of my life in that game, I had no idea what i was doing and had no clue how to exit the island. I kept running back and forward trying to find a way off it it even got to the point where i was asking people how to swim because i looked on the world map and saw I was on a island surrounded by others and thought that was the only way off.

Time went on and the game got better and more addicting to the point where i was playing 14 hours a day of my childhood on it, however Jagex started taking a turn for the worst in years to come.

This started off as restricting trades and then taking away PVP. The main point of the game was PVP it kept the economy active and thriving, basically everything you did in the game related to PVP somehow. They soon realised they made a massive screw up and took the restrictions off within a month of releasing them. Then releasing Bounty Hunter Craters Instead of full Roaming PVP.

Bounty Hunter craters was the best fun in the game all together, get assigned a target in a crater go kill them and loot there items whilst running from the other 100 players in the small crater. Annoying at times but it made it more addictive.

I then had to focus on my personal life as it was getting out of hand and returned to runescape after 2 years of not playing. First thing i did was PVP, had no clue what to do because the game changed so much into a game like World of Warcraft, cute little characters that looked like cartoons and a whole different combat system which was confusing and absolutely screwed up with many flaws.

Jagex made another version of Runescape Re-rolling it back to 2007 which was a good choice at the time however it’s turning into a private server with stupid updates that doesn’t make it feel like Runescape at all.

This was the end of my Runescape life for me, so as the gamer i was i went searching for games like runescape. Nothing will EVER come close to those old Runescape days but we can focus on playing ones we enjoy atleast.